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Hybrid-Cloud Headquarters


The Power of The Cloud

NCC’s RHQ program gives you the power of the cloud

While other companies struggle with their POS systems and servers going down, your business is safe, thanks to Reflection POS and RHQ.

Don’t lose productivity

View reports and get front-end data when you want it through an intuitive dashboard.

The Power of RHQ

Transactions are processed at your choosing, not the network.

The POS system runs independently and keeps all sales data stored locally until it can communicate and send information to RHQ. Intermittently throughout the day, at the end of the day or at the end of the week, whichever best fits your needs.

The Power of Your Business

RHQ gives the power back to you.

Your business benefits from the flexibility of having sales and labor information at the touch of your keyboard, anytime and anywhere.

Analyze for success

Sales and labor analysis is provided for small management groups or the entire staff. Make price changes at one restaurant or a chain of stores. Your data is stored in a Microsoft secured database and reports are always available through a web client. The system doesn’t require a large infrastructure, only an Internet connection and web browser.

Access Data from Any Mobile Device

Real-Time Access to Store-Level POS Sales and Labor Data

What is the Cloud, and Why Use It?

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Don’t just involve your business with a cloud system, but put your company above the clouds with a perfect complement to Reflection POS®: NCC’s RHQ web application.

Let our knowledgeable and qualified resellers help guide you to the security of cloud storage while restoring faith that your restaurant will go on business as usual without interruptions.

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Benefits include:

• Automatic polling
• Simple set up and operation
• Low cost of ownership
• Consolidated data from all restaurant/stores

RHQ also features:

• Alerts sent via e-mail or text to your smartphone or tablet
• Dashboards to review snapshot data
• Program changes send automatically to the POS system
• Off-site backup of POS data
• Archived reports for historical viewing

Thanks to the RHQ Cloud, You Hold the Power.