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Retail BackOffice

Looking to Increase Profits While Streamlining Inventory?

Retail BackOffice will help you.

At NCC, we are focused in helping you make better merchandising decisions while control shrinkage, Retail BackOffice is fully integrated with Reflection POS® that couples with other essential modules to effectively manage your operations, including:

• Reporting module
• Inventory management
• Price Book maintenance

Looking to Increase Profits While Streamlining Inventory?

Our inventory module has one goal in mind: to streamline your inventory to help you make smart decisions. By developing a strategy that helps you accurately order products, NCC’s BackOffice works by having your team strike the right balance of high-margin and high-demand products. Retail BackOffice also guides you to order the right amount of high-turnover products to avoid shrinkage.

NCC’s Retail BackOffice tracks first in first out (FIFO) or average costing. The program’s computer assisted ordering allows you to choose minimum or maximum values.

Re-Ordering On-The-Go

Retail BackOffice also allows you to order products using a product number or re-order number, while on-the-go adjustments can dynamically help you reconcile stock levels. Our software also allows you to go mobile by transmitting orders via a customizable interface for hand held units.

We realize that product pricing in retail stores is crucial to you improving your profit margins. Market studies highlight that price controls can help you to increase profits up to 4 percent. The Price Book module offers a variety of features to help attain your goals.

The pricing module features:

• Support of up to 30,000 items from Reflection POS®

• User-defined product groups that name groups and place individual items into the groups you specify

• Calculate pricing based on your particular mark-up or specific margin

• The ability for your management to control pricing for each store or store groups independently

• Reports at your fingertips

Reports at Your Fingertips

Key reporting features to meet the needs of your fast-paced business

Retail BackOffice reporting capabilities allows you to be in charge by pulling reports per specific date ranges, customize your reporting as you see fit, and to export reports into Microsoft Excel for review and print out.

With Retail BackOffice, we combine a fully-integrated product that keeps your inventory up-to-date and ready to move off the shelves. It’s efficient, accurate and customizable. Retail BackOffice keep you up to speed and ahead of the game to help your business prosper.

Key information such as:

• Item Sales Reports
• Daily booking and clerk reports
• Item order history status and variance reports
• Promotion performance reports

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